Executive Eye

The missing link in Enterprise Project and Portfolio Management.


For corporate boards, investors and stakeholders, the metrics deployed to the CXOs are pretty standard: What are the company’s strategies, revenue and cost streams. How are they performing against their targets and what is their progress on sustaining and improving performance.


The CXOs are in the firing line when company performance fall outside planned commitments for the year. This is even more pronounced in project-intensive industries where revenues are tightly linked to delivery of lengthy and complex, high-capital investment projects. Most CXOs’ downfall are attributed to failure to execute well. This fact tightly co-relates CXOs to the performance of their major projects. However, most often, CXOs are the last to know of the true status of their projects.

Keeping every stakeholder on the same page!

Executive Eye provides CXOs with a platform that demonstrate their competencies and capabilities to their stakeholders and clients alike. It provides CXOs with a means to quickly understand issues and problems faced in order to execute in a competent manner. Executive Eye drives accountability to stakeholders and help instil an effective governance framework to monitor performance of a portfolio of projects in a simplified manner.

Executive Eye  provides CXOs with a platform to manage expectations of stakeholders and clients clearly and help create clear set of rules to measure performance. It provides three major focus areas:


  • Provision of a platform to set the strategic objectives of the project with a governance framework
  • Identify and measure key metrics required by stakeholders and clients, using a format understood by both technical and non-technical stakeholders – without attending training
  • Platform for all stakeholders to monitor, communicate and collaborate in a simple format across all devices to enable quick intervention to resolve issues and risks

Executive Eye drives better corporate governance and on-demand reporting for all project led organisations. It puts in place a framework that manage expectations of stakeholders and clients alike from the onset of the project lifecycle. It also provides project-led organizations a marketing edge to potential clients by demonstrating how client executive stakeholders will be engaged along the life of a project.