Breakfast Seminar on Project Monitoring & Reporting for Linear Projects

Insynchro Malaysia Sdn Bhd had organized a Breakfast Seminar on Project Monitoring and Reporting for Linear Projects. We showcased how complex linear projects are monitored and reported using our IXD dashboard for PMO and Senior / Executive Management stakeholders.

Cost of linear projects are increasingly hitting the Billion-dollar mark. Management stakeholders are seeking ways to be more involved in delivering these mega projects to minimize risk and liabilities while optimizing cost and revenues.

Many management stakeholders often miss the opportunities to intervene in a timely manner to steer the project when it faces issues. This has led to great avoidable losses for many such projects in the past.

Insynchro Senior Executive Dashboard – IXD has a proven track record of managing such mega projects. With visualized Geo-Spatial reporting capabilities that integrate mainstream project control applications, IXD delivers project updates to touch screen TVs, mobile devices or desktops.

With embedded “Multi-touch” features, management stakeholders will be able to interact with IXD using the same familiarity of interacting with their favourite mobile applications. With IXD, management teams will be able to conduct their own project briefings to their stakeholders.

IXD was developed in 2008 and has evolved substantially and used by notable companies such as Prolintas, Sarawak SCORE implementing agency RECODA, JKR Sabah and others